EPISODE | South Island Solo EP04 | Macetown, 40 something river crossings + the West Coast!

EPISODE | South Island Solo EP03 | New Zealand's most dangerous road, Skippers Canyon and more

EPISODE | South Island Solo EP02 | Picking up the Hilux, will it start after three months?

EPISODE | Behind the scenes, bloopers, the time we got super stuck and some amazing views!

EPISODE | South Island Solo EP01 | Exploring Rainbow Road, Lees Valley and the Macaulay Valley

EPISODE | Exploring the North Island's Southernmost Tip

EPISODE | The 42 Traverse, one of New Zealand's most amazing tracks

EPISODE | Ruts, mud and insane views - we explore North Range and Takapari Road

REVIEWS | Our Feldon Shelter

QUICK TIPS | Tyre deflators, how to use them

EPISODE | Red Rocks, Wellington's rugged South Coast

EPISODE | Big River, the old gold mining town

EPISODE | Mt Dick lookout and the Waiohine Gorge

BUILD | Our Hilux

BUILD | We get dual batteries

EPISODE | Mangaho Dam

BUILD | Episode 1

North Island Exploring

Twin Lakes Walk, Kaweka Forest

Truck curtains

Our truck

We hit up Red Rocks

Exploring Meremere Road