Four corners

August 2018 | Words by Daniel

In late October 2017 we were cruising back from East Cape and had a realisation - we had just visited the most easterly point of the North Island and would be heading to the most northern point over Christmas - could we get all four corners of the North Island in 2017?

How hard could it be?

East Cape lighthouse (we did actually walk up to it too - all 700 steps)

Living in Wellington made getting the most southern point pretty simple - a cruisey 2 hour drive out to Cape Palliser and an awesome night camping with some friends - can’t get better than that!

Cape Palliser lighthouse

And then the truck broke down.

By the time everything had been sorted we were 2 weeks out from leaving for our New Years trip which with Christmas being thrown in meant we had one weekend to get to Cape Egmont. I had almost given up on even attempting it… But something in the back of my head kept nagging me and so one Saturday morning we woke up and I said to Chloe “let’s go!”

This was a flying trip - we drove up Saturday morning, back to Wellington Sunday afternoon.

Cape Egmont lighthouse

On Boxing Day we left Wellington and headed to the Far North one our big annual trip, knowing that we needed to reach Cape Reinga before the end of 2017 whilst taking the slightly long way to get there!

On the 30th of December 2017 we pulled into the carpark and walked down to the lighthouse - we’d done it - the four points of the North Island in 3 months! And we even had a whole day to spare…

Cape Reinga lighthouse