Tent mount FAQs

Mount height - 300mm to bottom of tubing

Wellside to top of tent - 730mm

Secured into the tub - two bolts on top, one on the side

Under tent view

Why mount the tent over the tub?

We mounted the tent over the tub (vs on the roof) for two important reasons - fuel range and to keep the centre of gravity lower down. Roof top tents aren't the lightest things in the world and having had lots of weight up high before, we decided we wanted to avoid it this time.

What's the rack made out of?

The rack was built by the awesome guys at Kaizen Works our of TIG welded steel, they then sent it off to be sandblasted and powder coated to protect it from the harsh New Zealand elements.

How high does the tent sit?

The rack itself is 30 centimetres off the sides of the tub, the tent has an overall height is around 35 centimetres folded away.

When unfolded the extended part is around 1.7 metres from the ground, not quite enough for taller people to stand under. It also limits our ability to run the annexes from the side of the tent.

Do you notice the weight on the back?

In short, yes. But it's not an issue once you're used to it being there. We did our best to centre the tent over the rear axle to avoid the pendulum effect and kept the tent as low as possible.

How hard is it to setup the tent?

Super easy - unlike a wagon/SUV we have full access to each side of the tent and can stand on the sides of the tub to get a bit of extra height to reach the top straps and zips. Regardless of your height, it's a quick easy setup.

If building again, would you change anything?

A wiring duct or tabs would be worth the investment if you ever plan on running lights - we're currently using cable ties to keep the wires in place. Works perfectly, just doesn't look as nice as it could. It's also worth thinking about the ability to mount recovery boards or similar on the sides if that's your jam.

How much does it cost to build a tent mount?

This will all depend on who does the work, what they build it out of, the finish and how many tweaks you make to the basic design. Obviously if you can weld you're a step ahead already. If you're like us and aren't metal work magicians, budget around $1000 to get something built and installed.

Can you still access the tub?

Yep! Obviously tubs don't provide the best access compared to a proper canopy/tray - but we can both reach in and grab stuff when needed.

Have more questions?

Fire us a message on Facebook and we'll do our best to help you out!